The Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) Justice through education in the Nordic Countries (JustEd) is a multidisciplinary, cross-national research network of 14 partners. It is coordinated at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences. The centre started its activities in August 2013 as part of the NordForsk programme “Education for tomorrow“.

The excellence centre aims at researching the challenges facing the Nordic educational systems in the 21st century. It will compare the impact of policies, such as school choice and public accountability, on teaching and learning cultures, as well as on the marginalization and engagement of learners. An overall aim is to contribute to the re-formulation of what the project of democratic, inclusive education for justice can be in the middle of current political, economic and cultural transformation. More specifically the NCoE research is focused around the question: How do systems, cultures and actors in education enable and constrain justice in the context of globalizing Nordic welfare states?