“Becoming a professor in neoliberal academia” – guest lecture at the University of Gothenburg

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“To become a professor in Academia means struggling with constant ambivalences” says Associate Professor Kristiina Brunila at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, regarding the lecture she gave, as a visiting scholar, at the University of Gothenburg on 16 September.

Brunila is the leader of JustEd Theme 1, a member of the JustEd Executive board, and took part of the  JustEd Mobility Fellowships 2015.

Her presentation at the lecture was based on her recent book The Ambivalent Process of Becoming a Professor in the Neoliberal Academia (in press), a qualitative inquiry. Brunila says “the presentation, which is based on experiences of a young female professor and an article, is an experiment, a beginning of something hopefully different. It is about acknowledging the complexities of our intentions and actions in Academia. It is also a serious search for retaining political and ethical commitments.”

The main argument of the presentation was that the choices academics make stem not so much from the individual but from the condition of possibility.


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