Call for papers! Home matters: Meanings, metaphors and practices

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international conference Helsinki: Home matters

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki, invites you to participate in debates at an international conference on new imaginaries and globalised inclusions and exclusions in practices of making home. The conference Home Matters: Meanings, metaphors and practices will be held 31 May – 1 June 2018 in Helsinki.

The conference will bring together new thinking about how home is imagined, practiced and experienced and consider the political and personal implications of particular ways of imagining home for different groups of people in different places.

You are invited to submit your abstracts of 300 words in English. Submit your abstract by 23 March 2018 by clicking this link and following the instructions.

The metaphor of home has long been overdetermined, burdened with symbolic meanings, emotion and experiences and understood through metaphorical meanings at multiple levels. It comprises both place and time and functions as a site of equilibrium, belonging, ontological security and nostalgic yearning. It is because this symbolic desirability remains a strong contemporary current that notions of home, at national and local levels is such a mobilising and emotional metaphor. Home matters because it impels both political and personal behaviour. Its very imprecision makes the metaphor powerful because it can be imagined in personal ways and experienced as collective. Yet, the apparent simplicity of the term masks more complex and multiple notions of home that include the unpleasant and unromantic where homes can function as sites of hatred, unhappiness, unequal power relations, compulsory heterosexuality, abuse and exclusion as well as  inclusion for at least some members.

A major aim of the conference is to consider the multilevel imaginaries of home that lie at the heart of many of the dramatic political changes across the globe. In the Middle East, many African countries, Europe and the USA, struggles over who belongs and who should be excluded from particular nations, are justified by reference to nations as homes. The metaphor of nation as home and domestic has contradictory potential. It serves to justify nationalist exclusions of migrants from national identities and buttresses attempts to claim belonging on the basis of assumed similarities. At the same time that it serves to exclude some who have lived in a nation for a long time, it also authorises the welcoming of some new migrants ‘home’. Papers in the conference will examine new imaginaries and globalised inclusions and exclusions in practices of making home.

A further aim is to consider new approaches to analysing the multiplicity and complexity of home and the centrality of the imaginary to practices that produce versions of home (Blunt and Dowling, 2006).

Conference themes
This conference will be interdisciplinary and include a range of different methods. Overall, the conference aims to bring together different imaginaries of home with a view to gaining new insights into how home is imagined, practiced and experienced. It will consider the political and personal implications of particular ways of imagining home for different groups of people. The empirical work and/or theorisation presented might include (but not be limited to) the following sites and issues:
• Why and when does home matter?
• Homes as dwellings including family homes and out-of-family care
• Making home in institutions including educational and employment institutions etc.
• Localities and national policies and institutions
• Transnational families
• Migration and refugees
• Belonging
• Imaginaries of family and nation
• Inclusions and exclusions from home
• Intergenerational imaginaries, complementarities and contestations
• Intersectional commonalities and differences
• Political claims to home
• Memory and temporalities—past, present, future & Being and Becoming

Co-organised by
Ann Phoenix, Jane & Aatos Erkko Professor, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and Professor of Psychosocial Studies, UCL, UK
Tuija Pulkkinen, Professor of Gender Studies, Director of Doctoral programme SKY.  Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki

Confirmed Invited Speakers
Professor Jill Bradbury, Wits University, JOHANNESBURG
Dr Casper Laing Ebensgaard, Queen Mary University, LONDON
Professor Julia Brannen, UCL, LONDON
Professor Ann-Dorte Christensen, Aalborg University, DENMARK
Professor Michelle Fine, CUNY, NEW YORK
Professor Helma Lutz, Frankfurt University
Professor Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, UCLA, LOS ANGELES
Dr Olivia Sheringham, Queen Mary University, LONDON
Professor Corinne Squire, UEL LONDON
Professor Nira Yuval-Davis

There is no registration fee. Conference venue: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland

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