Call for papers: Nuancing Young Masculinities

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Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and The Swedish School of Social Science invite you to participate in debates at a collaborative symposium. The symposium aims to nuance understandings of young masculinities by bringing together a variety of new thinking to illuminate contradictions and complementarities in contemporary scholarship on boys and young men.

Papers in this symposium will be thought provoking and will aim to stimulate debate and discussion. They can come from any discipline, any methodological framework and discuss any of the themes above, or others in a variety of settings. They can be theoretically and/or empirically based.

Time: 26 April 2018, 9.30-17.00.
Place: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland
Address: Fabianinkatu 24 (3rd floor), Helsinki
There is no registration fee.

Call for papers open until 25 March 2018! You are invited to submit your abstract in English to:

Contemporary scholarship on young masculinities highlights contradictory themes. On the one hand, some studies indicate the pervasiveness of the stubborn particulars of heteronormativity, homophobia and violence in schools and at work. On the other hand, some researchers maintain that recurrent patterns of masculinity have been disrupted by the emergence of a non-homophobic masculinity where ‘homohysteria’ is declining in favour of ‘inclusive masculinity’ (Anderson, 2009). Such straightforward narratives of ‘progress’ are, however, not the whole story since scores of studies find either little evidence of ‘inclusive masculinity’ or that it sits alongside contemporary homophobia. Binarised notions of masculinities are, therefore, oversimplifying, reducing the recognized plurality of masculinities. Instead, as Johannsdottir and Gislason (2018: 3) suggest, from an Icelandic study, ‘masculinity is more broadly defined than before, that nowadays more things are “permissible,” and yet despite this liberalization, certain homophobic attitudes still linger on.’

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