An international research conference: “Promoting Justice through Education”

Call for papers: November 2017
Conference: 22–23 May 2018
Venue: University of Helsinki

panel_!The Nordic Centre of Excellence ‘Justice through education in the Nordic countries’ (JustEd), invites you to participate in an international research conference on ‘Promoting justice through education’ to examine todays’ educational policies and practices in a critical light.

In the Nordic countries equality, democracy and welfare have been central values in the society, paving the way for promoting justice through education. However, the understandings of why and how justice is attained through education have changed in the course of the last decades along with other societal changes. The increasing influences of market-oriented competition, social stratification and marginalization or social exclusion are some of the challenges facing education justice, equity and equality in the Nordic education systems today. This conference problematizes the current educational trends in Nordic education and explores new possibilities for promoting justice, equity and equality through educational politics, governance, inclusive educational practices and agency of teachers and students, at all levels of education.

The conference invites submissions particularly in (but not limited to) the following areas and in any site or level of education (compulsory schooling, youth and adult education, higher education, informal education, etc.):

  • Changing conceptualisations and philosophies of justice in education
  • Educational practices for social justice
  • Marketisation effects on education justice
  • Meeting multiple diversities in education (disability, gender, ethnicity, language, queer, race, religion, social class, migration status, and more)
  • Successful and problematic education politics and policies for education justice
  • Methods for researching education justice

More information about the upcoming conference will be published here as it comes available.

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