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Nordic researchers JustEd

We have more than 140 researchers in 8 different countries at 14 partner universities around the globe. 

The focus for the research is on social justice in education, and the topics ranges from marketization and social inclusion to marginalization and diversity, innovative teaching, learning cultures and student engagement. Soon we will be presenting our researchers from Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland on our website. What is the aim for their research and how did they come up with the idea in the first place? And are they all women? No, they’re not, we do have lots of male researchers too – and yes, you will get the chance to meet many of them here. Stay tuned!

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About the Author: Charlotta Järf is in charge of the communications and marketing activities for JustEd, The Nordic Centre of Excellence, an international research network with 14 partner universities in 8 countries. With ten years of professional experience in Communications and Marketing, and five years as a TV, radio and newspaper journalist, Charlotta has a practical set of skills in strategical communications, PR, social media, graphic design, video and content production. .


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