Director Gunilla Holm received the Maikki Friberg Equality Prize

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“Everything I do is related to equality, equity and social justice in some way or another,” said Professor Gunilla Holm, Director of the Nordic Centre of Excellence ‘Justice through Education’ (JustEd) when she received this year’s Maikki Friberg Equality Prize on behalf of the new Lower Comprehensive school Teacher Education programme at the University of Helsinki.

Gunilla Holm, Director of the Nordic Centre of Excellence JustEd

Gunilla Holm, Director of the Nordic Centre of Excellence JustEd

“It feels really good to receive this prize. It is a recognition of the work we have been doing within JustEd and together with the personell at the swedish education programmes to promote equity and social justice in education and research,” said Gunilla.

Gunilla’s research fields are race, ethnicity, class, and gender in education, especially focused on issues related to marginalisation, multilingualism and social justice.

As a result of close cooperation with the Nordic Centre of Excellence JustEd, and after several years of discussions and negotiations, the University of Helsinki decided to create a Lower Comprehensive School Teacher Education programme in Swedish . The programme received its first students 2016 and focus on multilingualism, diversity, and social justice.

“This is a way for us to transfer our research to practice,” said Gunilla.

“Our vision is a programme where both teachers and students will be involved in high profiled research. The programme will not only provide the students with a high level of knowledge, but also very practical examples that they will add to their toolbox when managing their own classes in the future,”

Maikki Friberg award for equality (€ 5000) can be given either to a person, unit, group, organization or another administrative unit promoting equality in the University of Helsinki. Other JustEd members who have received the prize are Professor Emerita Elina Lahelma and Senior Researcher Jukka Lehtonen.



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