Discussing school achievement, gender, class and place at a conference on current school politics in Sweden

Elisabet Öhrn, leader of JustEd team 6, gave the opening lecture on “Equal and egalitarian school? School achievement, gender, class and place” at the conference Aktuell Skolpolitik (Current school politics) 30-31 August 2017. Aktuell skolpolitik is one of the biggest conferences in the field of education in the Northern Sweden. This annual conference is an important meeting place for teachers, politicians and civil servants. This year the conference was held in Piteå, Sweden, and had equality in pre-school and school as its theme.

Elisabet Öhrn (Photograph by Terje Heierstad)

Elisabet Öhrn (Photograph by Terje Heierstad)

Gendered and classed relations at different levels of education are central themes in Elisabet’s research. In a recent study (together with Lisa Asp-Onsjö, and Ann-Sofie Holm) the findings point, as others before it, to a dissociation between dominant youth masculinities and studying, but also to a widespread celebration of talent that has bearing on the understandings of everyone’s achievements. Also, whereas previous research shows the valued masculinities have been mostly related to non-school work, this study shows that currently also high achieving boys can obtain a high status among peers and teachers. Read more about the study in the book “The State, Schooling and Identity: Diversifying Education in Europe”.


For more about Nordic research on gender in teacher education, check the Nordgente website.

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