Doctoral dissertation: Doctoral education, knowledge and research in knowledge capitalism management

By on 17.12.2018 in PhD thesis

Kristiina Hannukainen

JustEd member Kristiina Hannukainen recently defended her doctoral dissertation “Doctoral education, knowledge and research in knowledge capitalism management” at the University of Helsinki. The dissertation focuses on doctoral school knowledge capitalism management, and is framed within the higher education policy discussion. Knowledge capitalism management means more effective financial control over knowledge and science, as well as researchers and knowing. The research focuses on the consequences of knowledge capitalism management from the aspects of researcher agency, doctoral students, knowledge and knowing.

The study’s main finding is that a doctoral student must act according to knowledge capitalism management, maintain an economic approach and negotiate with knowledge capitalism management to achieve a doctoral degree. In researcher training, there are power relations and vague practices concerning knowledge production as well as being a researcher. The consequences of knowledge capitalism management have an influence on agency mainly in terms of management practices, such as uncertain research funding.

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