Funding for research projects on career support for young people at risk, and internationalising higher education

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This year JustEd members from Umeå University received funding from the Swedish Research Council for two new research projects. The grants were announced in November 2017.

Professor Lisbeth Lundahl

Professor Lisbeth Lundahl

One of the two projects “Moving on, Youth attending an introduction program and their career support in varying local contexts” is lead by professor Lisbeth Lundahl, leader of JustEd team 2. Per-Åke Rosvall (JustEd team 6) and researcher from the Stockholm University are also involved in this project. The project examines the opportunities to strengthen educational and professional chances for students who have not completed compulsory education. These young people run an increased risk of future social exclusion, and they are normally channeled into introductory programs (IPs) that prepare the young people for studies in upper secondary programmes or for work. The largest of the IPs is the language introduction programme for people whose home language is other than Swedish. The structural conditions and institutional support for career learning and career choices varies between local contexts in Sweden. Therefore, this project observes the career development activities as well as the aspirations of the IP students in various types of municipalities in urban areas, smaller cities and rural areas. The study is expected to provide knowledge for developing well informed career support for youth groups that are known to be at risk.

Professor Nafsika Alexiadou

Professor Nafsika Alexiadou

Professor Nafsika Alexiadou (JustEd team 2) is the leader of the other new project funded by the Swedish Research Council. The project “Internationalising higher education: challenges and opportunities for Universities and academics in Sweden” will examine the processes of internationalisation in Swedish Universities and will produce knowledge on how national and institutional cultures shape the ways in which these processes are mediated. This Nordic research project is conducted in collaboration with professor Marjatta Takala from the University of Oulu. The research group will research (a) how academics experience mobility in different universities and faculties and with what consequences, and (b) how universities address the problems and disadvantages that mobility practices often entail in order to achieve productive and inclusive internationalisation and mobility.


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