History, planning and share coincidence explains the success of the Finnish compulsory education

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Five JustEd members have joined forces in analysing the “Finnish Educational Miracle” that has been attracting attention in the educational world ever since Finland rocketed to fame following the PISA studies during the 2000s.

“We present a comprehensive analysis of dynamics in compulsory education politics, policy making and governance, families’ educational strategies and classroom culture,” says Professor Hannu Simola, University of Helsinki and Turku.

In the newly published book Dynamics in Basic Education Politics – Understanding and Explaining the Finnish Case central findings from over a decade are collected.


Hannu Simola and Jaakko Kauko at the release party for the new book.

In the field of comparative education without a strong theory-driven approach it is hard to go beyond merely listing the similarities and differences that make it possible to create cuntless rankings, but reveals littel baout specific and shared developmental processes between education systems. Therefore, there is a need for a new theoretical framework, concludes the authors, and introduce CADEP, comparative analytics of dynamics in educational politics, as an ambitious response to this political, intellectual and scientific problem.

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