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NordForsk has decided to grant funding of 300 000 NOK to the application ‘Cross-cutting themes and issues in the Nordic higher education research – with special focus on justice and equality in/through education’ and 300 000 NOK to the application ‘Vocational education, transitions, marginalisation, social justice’ submitted by the NCoE JustEd.

“This is very good news! Now we have really good resources to strengthen the collaboration,” says Dr. Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret, University of Helsinki, who is the convener of the new collaboration project focused on Nordic higher education research – with special focus on justice and equality in/through education.

Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret discussing how to collaborate more within Nordic higher education research.

Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret emphasize collaboration between different  research teams focused on Nordic higher education.

The project comprises of researchers from three JustEd teams and a research project ‘Nordic Fields of Higher Education Structures and Transformations of Organization and Recruitment’ funded within the Nordic Research Programme “Education for Tomorrow”.

The purpose of the cross-cutting themes and issues collaboration between the NFHE and JustEd during year 2016 is to strengthen the theoretical basis of Nordic higher education research with special focus on the justice and equality in respect of the above developments.

Until now prior studies related to inequality issues in Nordic HE has mainly focused on overall access and background differences between students. This cross-project collaboration moves Nordic research forward and aim at producing contextual and theoretical accounts to support prior statistical analyses.

“The overall focus of our collaboration will be on the effects that current changes in higher education have on educational opportunities and equality, in regards to gender, academic/non-academic family background, immigration background, prior education, etc., which has not thus far been extensively researched in the Nordic context,” says Ulpukka.

Focus on vocational education

The other project that was granted funding is coordinated by Mattias Nylund, University of Gothenburg and member of JustEd team 4, and Per-Åke Rosvall, Umeå University, member of JustEd team 6.

The project comprises of researchers from five JustEd teams and the research project Nord-Vet funded within the Nordic Research Programme “Education for Tomorrow”. The focus of the project is on vocational education, transitions, marginalization and social justice.

Several members of JustEd has worked with themes and issues closely related to those of the project ‘The future of vocational education – learning from the Nordic countries’ and vice versa.

However, to some extent different perspectives has been applied and analysed. Thus, the proposed ‘partnership’ of these two groups aims at generating new knowledge, e.g. identification of the experiences in the VET-field generated by researchers in the JustEd and the Nord-Vet groups, identifying the needs and gaps within VET research in the Nordic countries and establishing the groundwork for possible future collaborative projects.

One of the expected results of this collaboration is also sharing examples of good practices, findings and recommendations with policy makers, teacher education practitioners and VET providers, e.g. teachers and workplace trainers.

A call for Cross-cutting themes and issues in the projects/teams was organised within the Nordic Research Programme Education for Tomorrow, with deadline for proposals 31.10.2015.

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