JustEd Mobility Fellowship

During the years the Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) Justice through Education in the Nordic Countries (JustEd) has granted mobility fellowships for postdoctoral and senior researchers as well as PhD students working within the research themes of the centre. The fellowships have been primarily open for JustEd members, but fellowships have also been granted for international visiting postdoctoral or senior researchers whose research is closely related to the centre’s research themes.

Fellowships cover travel and accommodation and include an allowance to cover other irregular costs incurred by the visit. The aim of the grants is to intensify collaboration and exchange of researchers between the partner institutions. Researchers with mobility fellowships are incorporated into the activities of the receiving partner unit and the visiting researchers are expected to engage in joint research, writing, advising, training or teaching.

JustEd mobility fellowships for exchange visits taking place in January-October 2018 have been granted.

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