New funding for research on gender, school and violence

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JustEd member Ylva Odenbring, Associate Professor of Education at the University of Gothenburg has received over 3.500.000 SEK for the Forte-funded research project entitled Youth, vulnerability and school. Student’s perspectives on violence, harassment and violations that aims at exploring issues of gender, school and violence. The project is a three year research project (2018-2020).

The focus of the proposed study is on students’ perceptions and experiences of different forms of violence in the schools. We are interested in students’ narratives on the prevalence and character of violence and degrading treatment at their schools. In this project, we are particularly interested in investigating in what ways gender is used as explanation for different incidents. How gender intersects with issues of class and ethnicity will also be of interest in the project. The aim is also to gain knowledge about students’ strategies for handling their own and other students’ exposure to different forms of violence.

Associate Professor Ylva Odenbring

Associate Professor Ylva Odenbring

Research has shown that gender is of great importance to how students handle and report, or do not report, various violent situations. Yet, we still know little about students’ experiences of being exposed to and/or witnessing violent acts and safe/unsafe school environments and how these experiences relate to gender. This research project will generate new knowledge concerning how students reason in these situations as well as show how students’ notions of gender influence their actions and experiences in relation to victimization. By exploring how the students’ narratives connect to general societal and cultural discourses on harassment and violations and social welfare we hope to generate new knowledge on how the educational system can deal with these issues.

The research team works at the University of Gothenburg and includes Associate Professor Ylva Odenbring (research leader, JustEd), Professor Thomas Johansson and a PhD-student who will be employed in the project.

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