“This is a good read for anyone interested in knowing ‘what’s going on’ in the Finnish field of urban studies in education”

University lecturer Sonja Kosunen and PhD Venla Bernelius

Sonja Kosunen and Venla Bernelius celebrated the special issue.

JustEd members Sonja Kosunen and Piia Seppänen have together with Venla Bernelius edited a special issue of the Finnish Journal of Education (Kasvatus) on school choice, urban schooling and educational outcomes.

Researchers from several different fields and universities have joined forces in creating bridges between different disciplines and research traditions in this special issue of the journal.

“There are dramatic variations in educational outcomes between neighbourhoods, schools, and individuals, and these differences are growing,” says Venla Bernelius, one of the three editors.

Bernelius is an Urban Geographer, whose research interest is how growing socio-economic and ethnic differences between urban neighbourhoods affect public schools and the educational opportunities of young people.

Researchers from Tampere, Turku, Aalto and Helsinki universities and from several different departments and faculties gathered, as well as researchers from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Turku University of Applied Science and L’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris contributed in the special issue.

“The authors come from different fields related to schools in cities, as the issue was called Koulu kaupungissa -teemanumero, and cover not only several academic disciplines, but as a  group all stages of academic life from graduate-students to emeritus professors. The idea of the issue was to bring this very wide-spread field of studies in urban education in Finland together, which can be said having been a success,” Sonja Kosunen smiles.

The themes in the issue cover methodologically many different viewing angles from vast quantitative studies around educational attainment and school segregation to interesting analysis from qualitative studies in schools with teachers and students.

“This is a good read for anyone interested in knowing ‘what’s going on’ in the Finnish field of urban studies in education,” Kosunen summarise.

The editors Sonja Kosunen is University lecturer, University of Helsinki, with a strong emphasis in her research on the social space of school choice in urban Finland. JustEd member Piia Seppänen is University Researcher Fellow and Adjunct Professor of education, University of Turku, and she focuses on educational policy and politics, comparative education, sociology of education and urban schooling.

Hille Janhonen-Abruquah

Hille Janhonen-Abruquah

One of the contributing researchers in the special issue is Hille Janhonen-Abruquah, member of the Learning Spaces for Inclusion and Social Justice-project, also part in the Nordic program Education for Tomorrow, funded by NordForsk.

The Finnish Journal of Education is a Finnish journal published by Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA) and Finnish Institute for Educational Research (FIER).

Editors Sonja Kosunen, Venla Bernelius and Piia Seppänen.

Editors Sonja Kosunen, Venla Bernelius and Piia Seppänen.



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