Teacher and librarian partnership essential to literacy education

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Kristin Skinstad van der Kooij

Kristin Skinstad van der Kooij

JustEd members Joron Pihl and Kristin Skinstad van der Kooij, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, have edited a book that eplores teacher and librarian partnership in literacy education, showing that such partnership are essential to literacy education in 21st century.

The volume brings together leading scholars in educational research and literacy studies, and addresses scholars, and is relevant for students, teachers, librarians and politicians.

Joron Pihl

Joron Pihl

The articles in the book shows that teacher and librarian partnerships contribute significantly to the realization of the democratic mandate of the teaching and library profession. Partnerships respond to the educational challenges characterized by an unprecedented pace of knowledge development, digitalization, globalization and extensive transnational migration.

The contributors reconceptualize literacy education based on teacher and librarian partnerships. Studies from Sweden, Norway and the U.K. analyze such partnerships as sociocultural and intercultural practices, documenting ways in which teacher and librarian partnerships in literacy education enhance reading literacy, learning, empowerment and social justice.

The authors treat literacies as social practices, rather than as an autonomous skill, working with interdisciplinary perspectives that draw on educational research, New Literacy Studies, library and information science and interprofessional studies.

Partnerships facilitate reading for pleasure and reading engagement in work with school subjects and curriculum goals, irrespective of socio-economic or cultural background or gender. The partnerships facilitate work with multimodal literacies and inquiry-based learning, both of which are essential in the 21st century.

3077_222_167Equally important, the contributors show that the partnerships foster work with the multiple literacies of students and communities, and students’ attachment to the public and school library. The contributors also analyze tensions and contradictions in literacy education and in school library policy and practice, and attempt to deal with these challenges.

Link to the book: Teacher and Librarian Partnership in Literacy Education in the 21st Century



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