The conference Bringing teacher education forward was a success

In the beginning of June, the conference Bringing teacher education forward at the University of Oslo, gathered over 200 researchers and professionals from 29 countries with the aim of bringing teacher education forward as a critical field of exploration.


PhD Candidate Ilkka Laasonen (in the middle) and his colleagues.

“The idea behind the conference for Norway’s Research Council was to bring forward five big projects concerned with teacher education in Norway, nationally as well as internationally,” says JustEd member Ilkka Laasonen, one of the key coordinators.

In the last decade, both in Norway and internationally, attention to quality teaching and teachers has grown exponentially. Teachers matter for student learning, more than almost any other feature of education. However, this interest has not been entirely matched by a recognition that teacher education matters.

JustEd co-Director and Professor Kirsti Klette and Professor Anders Lund

JustEd co-Director and Professor Kirsti Klette and Professor Anders Lund

JustEd co-director Kirsti Klette and her colleague at the University of Oslo Andreas Lund came up with the idea of the conference, and one of the main points for the organisers was to make the conference and the messages it stood for visible to a larger group of people.

Therefore, there were great effort put in to attracting high quality keynotes, as well as participants to the panels, with the aim of sharing different perspectives with key findings and ideas that are central to moving teacher education ahead to better reflect the key role that it can (and does) play in preparing quality teachers.


Keynote speaker Professor Emeritus Fred Korthagen talking about how teacher education can make a difference.

Highlights of the conference included keynote speaker Marilyn Cochran-Smith, keynote speaker Fred Korthagen and an international panel discussion with representatives from Chile, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands and the US that focus upon key developments in teacher education in those countries.

“We received a lot of positive feedback about the size of the conference, enabling discussions to arise and continue during the three days,” Ilkka says. “We are already planning the follow up.”


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