Theme 3 – Enabling and constraining justice in education: agency, marginalization and diversity.

Marginalization and exclusion from active participation and success in education are detrimental both for the individual and society at large. The research studies how justice is supported and constrained in and by Nordic education from the viewpoint of the individual. The research relates agency, marginalization and the central notion of diversity in order to analyze the place of justice in education.

Theme leader: Gunilla Holm, University of Helsinki

Team 5 Perceptions and Constructions of Marginalisation and Belonging in Education
Team leader Gunilla Holm, University of Helsinki

Team 6 Agency, marginalisation and diversity: transitions of young people from various backgrounds
Team leader Elisabet Öhrn, University of Gothenburg

Team 7
Student Engagement and Current Practices in Upper Secondary Schools
Team leader Ingolfur Johannesson, University of Iceland