“This is the best we have seen from JustEd so far”

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“We have mix of presentations of researchers represented from full professor and assistant professor to post doc researchers and doctoral students. We also have a variety of research from policy studies to discourse analysis and thnographic studies represented,” said JustEd Director Gunilla Holm when she welcomed members of the Scientific Advisory Board and NordForsk’s Education for Tomorrow programme committee to the annual meeting.

Gunilla Holm welcomed members of the Scientific Advisory Board and Programme Committee to the seminar.

Professor Gunilla Holm welcomed members of the Scientific Advisory Board and Programme Committee to the seminar.

Lisbeth Lundahl

Professor Lisbeth Lundahl gave an enlighting presentation on the current Swedish model.

The aim with the meeting in Helsinki 6 June was to present a very small portion of all the research that is and has been conducted in JustEd for the members of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Programme Committee, and to discuss the future of the Centre and the research and networks that has been created within its frames.

Gunilla mentioned a few things going on within the Centre this year, e.g. the ongoing work on the special issue for the Educational Inquiry and the upcoming symposium at ECER in Copenhagen in August, and gave a quick summary of JustEd’s productivity:

“We have published more than 200 articles and 17 books since we met a year ago.”

Each of the seven JustEd teams were represented at the seminar;

  • Team 1: Professor Hannu Simola and Associate Professor Jaakko Kauko presented their research on dynamics in Finnish Education Politics,
  • Team 2: Professor Lisbeth Lundahl talked about how education is organized in Sweden with the market as a model,
  • Team 3: Professor Fritjof Sahlström and PhD student Ida Hummelstedt-Djedou showed video data from their research on how refugees are categorized in interaction in school and the role of the teacher,
  • Team 4: PhD Student Jenni Helakorpi summarized her work on Roma and traveller minority policies and basic education in three Nordic countries,
  • Team 5: Post-doctoral researcher Pia Mikander displayed how westerners are portrayed in Finnish school textbooks,
  • Team 6: PhD student Tuuli From presented findings from her research on language and power in school space in Sweden and Finland.
  • Team 7: Assistant Professor Jón Kjaran talked about the myth of the Nordic utopia in terms of equality in schools.

See the full programme here.

“This is the best presentations we have seen from JustEd so far,” concluded Professor Emerita Krista Varantola, Chair of the ‘Education for Tomorrow’ Programme Committee after the seminar.

Eva Björck and Krista

Programme Committee members Professor Eva Björck, Secretary General for the Committee for Educational Sciences at the Swedish Research Council, and Professor Emerita Krista Varantola.

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by Professor Mary James, University of Camebridge, expressed their sincere appreciation of the work done in the Centre.

“I am pleased to hear that you have a good year to work on policy implications and your legacy,” said Mary.

“This year will be crucial for you when it comes to wrapping up your research, tailoring the messages to policy makers and communicating your findings.”

The discussion with the Scientific Advisory Board partly centred on how to externally communicate research findings to policy makers, stakeholders and practioners, but also on other ways to create an impact, such as teaching and writing textbooks for students.

“There is a lot NordForsk can learn from this Centre,” Mary summarized.


The seminar ended with a discussion on the future of the Centre and the coming year of hard work with members of the Scientific Adivsory Board,  Professor Mary James, University of Cambridge Faculty of Education,  Professor Pavel Zgaga, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Education, Professor Barbara Kehm, University of Glasgow School of Education. (Missing from the picture above: Professor Adriana Bus, University of Leiden Department of Learning Problems and Impairments and Professor Emeritus Anne Edwards, University of Oxford Department of Education.)

Jón Kjaran

Assistant Professor Jón Kjaran presented his newly published book and talked about the myth of a Nordic utopia in terms of equality in schools.

Tuuli From in action.

Tuuli From, University of Helsinki.



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